Recipes: Meringues

Some 40 years or so ago, my grandad bought my granny a Kenwood Chef. It languished in a cupboard by the Aga, until I discovered it’s existence and requisitioned it. I requisition a lot of things off my granny.

In conjunction, I’ve always wanted to make meringues, but never had the muscles to do it by hand. The Kenwood solved the problem. My mother followed the recipe in the book that came with the mixer, which said that it needed four hours to cook! No photos, sorry. I simply refused to believe that it would take that long to make them, so I hunted down a recipe off the net.

With just over an hour of cooking time, I used this recipe:


The Kenwood doing his job.


After I have unartistically dolloped them onto the baking parchment.

I’ve always thought baking parchment and greaseproof paper are the same thing. They’re not! Greaseproof paper tends to cook, go brittle and inevitably stick to things. Baking parchment is lovely.


The finished product.

I found that they were a little more fragile that I expected, but I’m comparing them to shop-bought meringues. I don’t recall ever eating homemade ones before. They were however, delicious!

Me, looking very pleased with myself, after adding the cream and strawberries.

My neighbours were very pleased with me that night as well! The one problem with learning how to make meringues (and how easy they are) is that I have to do a lot of running to make up for my increased sugar intake!

And now I can make my own Eton Mess (which is my very favourite dessert).


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