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I realised that I don’t often talk about being a library assistant, even though it takes up most of my life… and I love it.

So here are some displays I’ve done of the last six months. I am primarily part of the Children’s Team, so they’re all related to that.

My first solo display took me three months to create. It was at roughly the same time as I was knitting my blanket. Two massive projects at the same time – I don’t know how I had the energy.

This is my A-Z of Children’s Literature. Obviously it’s not definitive and it was driven my kids books that I enjoy more than anything. It took a hell of a lot of cutting and sticking. My colleague once commented that “working here must be like being at playgroup for [me] because all [I] ever do is cut things out and stick ’em down.” Which is true. Although I never went to playgroup so I guess I’m just regressing again!


I’ve left the picture full size because there’s so much content.

Since then I’ve done a couple of simpler displays:


A very basic one for the Carnegie shortlist. There was a lot of blue in the covers and branding, so it was easy to tie that in to the background. with nicking the pics and info off the Carnegie site, arranging it all neatly on Publisher, printing and cutting out very, very neatly.


Dorothy Rackham donated a selection of books containing illustrations by her brother, Arthur Rackham, to the library several years ago. They’re usually stored in the archives, but to celebrate National Bookstart Week, we got them out for people to view. Reference only, of course! I decided that you can’t really imitate Rackham so the best thing to do was to print off some of his pictures. The background is blue simply because there was a lovely bit of circular blue paper which was the exact right size for the circular display dish. Again, about an hour choosing pictures and making sure the text was right.

And finally…

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme is Creepy House. For more info go to:

I volunteered to build the displays. As I’m going on holiday on Tuesday, I was given three straight days (which amounted to two days after you’d taken out all my other responsibilities) and three young volunteers to complete six displays. One each for the five branch libraries and then a special one for Central. I was encouraged to use as much of the promotional material that we already had.

Being fairly ambitious, I decided that I was going to build a creepy dolls house out of cardboard. It started off like this…


Then I covered it in 75m of masking tape (it could have done with more), painted it up, and stuck in some of the characters and furniture from the log book picture:



Up on the wall with the banner and some bats:


C’est fini!

I am very tired. Emotionally exhausted. But even I think it’s pretty good. đŸ™‚

The branch library displays are pretty much exactly the same as this except instead of a 3D house, they have an enlarged photocopy of the house from the log book. Building six of these would have actually driven me crazy!

I am very glad that I am spending the next week on holiday. I must not find any ecuses to cut stuff out. Please don’t let me!


One thought on “Libraries: Displays

  1. Fantastic display there chick! Can’t help but think you and I could run a library together and be wonderful!

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