Review: Man of Steel and World War Z

Man of Steel

I enjoyed the atmosphere of this. It was very grey, but in a nice indie serious way. Just enough staring to not be annoying. Henry Cavill was a great cast for Kal-El, physically and in terms of his emotional representation. Before seeing this, I was told about a scene in a graphic novel where they show that it’s not just the glasses that change – he hunches and walks differently, etc. I did not feel that they toned him down enough at the end considering how much more real they made this film compared to others, but a scene such as that would have been too comedic for the tone of the film. Junior Clark’s also cast well.

Russell Crowe was incredible. He had his Gladiator voice on, which – let’s admit it – is his best voice. And Kevin Costner. My mum is disappointed because he now only seems to play dads, but what dad is more awesome than Jonathan Kent?

I love Amy Adams. Her name is alliterative and her face and wasit just drive me crazy. Actually fairly neutral about her in this film though. I felt that the romance between her and Clark/ Superman moved unrealistically fast and this disappointed me, because I thought the rest of the film moved at a really good pace.

The one thing that REALLY did my head in would be too much of a spoiler for me to tell you about. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about! A great pillar of DC destroyed.

[Edit: I’m told this isn’t such a big deal. Apologies! Still shocked me though.]

World War Z

Um, possibly the most tense two and a half hours of my life! Really enjoyed it. The jumpy bits and the zombies weren’t scary enough to give me nightmares, but it was well made enough that I was on the edge of my seat for the entire films.

My favourite character was not Gerry, but Second, who barely said five words in the entire film, but she was really strong. She kept going even when she was damaged. I don’t know how to explain it other than I felt a real connection with her, despite her lack of words and hair.

It did feel like a computer game though. Like the film was split into levels. Certainly, a game spin-off was easily imaginably, especially considering the hordes of zombies were of a similar quality to the grapics used in the games these days (which is to say – good).

I enjoyed it. I disagree with most of the reviews which say that it’s boring. It had it’s limits, but it was certainly not boring! I may have to read the book now…


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