I knitted a Dalek, folks!

Possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

This genius pattern courtesy of PenWiper at (“Extermiknit” is also courtesy of PenWiper!)

Knitted in the round as one item (including the bobbles). The appendages were sewn on, but that’s ok! I’m unsure of the needle size I used, but it’s it’s about a 3.25 with DK wool. 2.25 needles for the appendages with the same wool. Stuff with some stuffing my mother had lying around. Took a grand total of seventeen hours. I was so excited that I did 7 hours on the Saturday and then 10 hours on the Sunday. If I didn’t have a) to sleep and b) other life responsibilities I probably would have just done it in a oner. I’m finding it difficult to knit anything now as my knuckles are cramped! But it was worth it.

People keep telling me that you can’t have a Dalek as a cuddly toy, but they are so wrong. To be honest, he’ll probably just sit on my shelf and not actually be cuddled, but still. 🙂

Would you believe I’ve only been knitting for 6 months? 😛


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