Review: The Other Side of the Story – Marian Keyes

I properly finished my first book of the year. Yes, this is bad being as I’m a) a library assistant and b) I’m an English Lit alumni.

The train station near me has a little library. One of those trust ones who where it’s just a shelf and they ask you to bring them back or replace any you keep. I have decided that if I ever leave the library business, then I’m going to have one of those – whenever and wherever I work.

I arrived particularly early for one of my London trips and it was cold, so I spent twenty minutes sitting next to the bookshelf. I picked this book solely because of the cover – it’s only of my favourite colours of blue. That may be a poor reason, but I’m not sorry for it.

Gemma’s dad just left her mum for his PA -> Gemma and Lily were best friend -> Lily ‘stole’ the love of Gemma’s life -> Lily then wrote a bestselling book -> her agent is Jojo -> Jojo is sleeping with her boss -> She’s also just come across the book which Gemma is writing. How will they cope when their worlds collide?

I loved this book. It made me feel better about… things. I cried, yeah, but in a good way. It felt real and genuine. It felt like aye, life can be terrible. People can leave you and jobs can mess you about and just about everything can let you down. But things can get better, even just for a short amount of time.

Marian Keyes managed to convey this without being cheesy or cliche. I loathed and loved each character. It reminded me of how tragically hilarious life can be. She honestly gave me hope. I don’t really know how else to say it.

Our libraries have a scheme called Mood-Boosting Books. It’s designed to improve mental health using books which make us feel happier. I’d have difficulty recommending this book because it’s so… honest… at some points but my heart feels lighter for having read it. I definitely feel boosted.

Poor review, amazing book!


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