Make & Do: Knitting Socks On The Round

Ok. I’m putting it out there – sock patterns make no sense! Like, no sense at all! My first knitting project was a bike seat cover, which was fairly complex for a first project. And then I spent three months knitting squares for a blanket. But this sock project just did me in. It was a week of tantrums. I actually threw the knitting across the room at one point. To my credit, there is only one totally unfinished disaster of a tube.

After one week (and considering I’ve only been knitting for 5 months) I successfully completed my first pair of socks, ribbed and knitted on the round:

Download IMG-20130515-00167.jpg (398.1 KB)

The shaping “seam” down the back is messy on both, but the only glaring error is where I decreased in the wrong place, and it looks like there’s a big seam down the centre of one sole. I figured out where I went wrong so the second sock has no major problems. They are still wearable.

I gave them to my dad as a belated Christmas present. He refuses to wear them as he wants to keep them nice “for posterity”. He at least tried them on for me and they fitted and were comfortable. What more can a girl want from her first pair of socks?

I was also on holiday in Glasgow at the time. I started my second pair of socks on the train up and finished them on the train down:

Download South Cambridgeshire-20130521-00181.jpg (344.2 KB)

They are bed socks/ slippers. I was in the wool shop and I fell in love with the colour on a 4ply ball. Was prepared to buy it, but then I turned around and there was a ball of exactly the same colour sitting in the sale basket. Bought! It’s not 4ply though. It even feels thicker than Double Knit, but they are so comfy, and so cute even before I added the buttons.

I feel proud to be a sock-knitter. In the shop, there are so many patterns for socks which you have to sew up the back and I wanted to learn the real skill of knitting on the round. What can I say – success!

What next?


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