Review: Dr Who – Dalek’s Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Loved it! I haven’t yet reached this storyline in the series yet, but the film was incredible. Hilarious, obviously. Why does a model flying saucer need SIX strings? And they were so visible! And “I’ll show you… LOOK!” *runs away* Genius!

Peter Cushing was a significantly better Doctor in this film than in the previous one. I will say – next time you watch it – look at the way he runs! I’m guffawing just thinking about it. Louise was underused, though I felt warmer towards her than Barbara from the other film (though not as affectionate as my feelings for original Barbara). Absolutely loved David. Was expecting him to be a scoundrel, but he had a good soul. And the profiteer! Incredible!

I have to ask why the Dalek’s wanted use the Earth as a spaceship? It seems illogical, but did provide for a good film. 😀

Prior to the showing, we were treated to a talk from Dr. Robin Bunce about the link between the Daleks and the Nazis. It was interesting. The most thought provoking part for myself was when he stated that “because we have not had any encounters with alien life, authors have to things to base their tales on: prior sci-fi literature and human culture.” I many ways, this is true of all literature. We base everything on what has come before. I can’t explain why this struck such a cord with me, but it did.

There was also a humorous Dr Who Q and A, which made me feel like a failure as a geek. The prize was Sugar Puffs, in honour of the product placement within the movie. 🙂


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