Quick review: Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Great Gatsby and Mud

Iron Man 3: The script felt a bit… empty… compared to the others. The series is usually hilarious, but this one felt like what they lacked in script they made up for in unnecessary jokes. The narration technique annoyed me too as it was such a different direction from the other films. I appreciate trying something new, but I prefer a series to maintain some continuity in style. It was still beautiful and funny, RDJ is still a sexy beast, but it just seemed to lack that certain something that made it’s predecessors incredible.

Star Trek Into Darkness: I enjoyed this. Unfortunately, I could see wherever they were referencing the original mythology (they weren’t subtle about it) but because I am not familiar with that mythology, it was a bit frustrating. I am a Next Gen and Voyager girl and I really have no intention of going back to watch the Original Series, so I guess I’ll never get it. Overall, again, stylish and well-acted. I may now be a Cumberbitch.

Since sometimes I pretend to be a feminist, here’s incredible Felicia Day having a glorious rant about how unrepresented women are in the film (with spoilers): http://thisfeliciaday.tumblr.com/post/50858883769/star-trek-movie-spoilerzzzz

The Great Gatsby: Gosh, I thoroughly loved this! It was shiny, which I usually don’t enjoy, but it made up for it with feeling. My companion and I both left with a peculiar heaviness in our chests, as though we had just be told something which was very important but couldn’t quite put our fingers on what the message was. I even nearly cried, which I was not expecting! A must-see! I was never a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but he has certainly aged well and become an incredible actor.

Mud: I only found out about this film because I was “working” and reading an article about the rise in young talent. The young star of this movie, Tye Sheridan, certainly deserves all the credit he has received in the press. His performance was incredible.

Over time, we have realised that Matt McC has two acting modes: charming (and sometimes just short of sleazy) rom-com mode and PSYCHO mode. Think How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days versus Killer Joe. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past versus Magic Mike. In Mud, however, he manages to find a medium point – a point where he’s actually acting. And it is moving. Mum keeps going on about his teeth, and imperfectness may well have contributed to this. To be honest, I have not put much effort into watching all of his films, so maybe he’s done this before but it was a first for me.

It reminded me a lot of Winter’s Bone (Jennifer Lawrence’s debut) in terms of it’s atmosphere and the weight of storytelling. It reversed the colour scheme – turning greys and blues into yellows and oranges – but still managed to feel cold and unforgiving. I’ll be honest – I cried like a freaking baby. But I also snorted with laughter. It was enjoyably both predictable and unpredictable, without throwing in unnecessary twists.

Recommended (though my mother’s friends also saw it and thought it was the worst film they’d ever seen).


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