After 2 years, I am upcycling this blog. Upcycling is my new thing. You’ll see.

I have to take this opportunity to apologise to myself and you all for how poor I have been with reading this year, and hence the sparsity of books on the list. You’d think working in a library would mean I read loads. What it actually means is that I permanently have a pile of books that I’m intending to read and never actually get round to it.

I blame two things for this:

Firstly, as a Children’s Library Assistant, I have become obsessed with picture books.  Predominantly the surreal ones which make me wonder about whether they are actually for children, and Mo Willems. What a genius! As such, I’m constantly browsing the picture book train rather than the adult fiction shelves.

Secondly, I took up knitting in the New Year, and it is really difficult to knit and read. Currently trying audio books to offset this particular issue, but the narrators are so hit and miss. Steel and other stories by Richard Matheson and read by Scott Brick is a must listen for every single one of you!

No excuses, I know. Once I post a picture of the blanket I have made, you’ll realise it was all worth it though.

So what is the purpose of this upcycled blog?

I make stuff, I cook, I read (sometimes), I go interesting places (occasionally) and I work in a library. And I like sharing my experiences of all these things. You got me, I’m a massive oversharer! Honestly, I usually only last a few weeks with these things, so you don’t have long to put up with me. 🙂


One thought on “Apologies

  1. I’m a fanboy for the lovely Miss Lawrence (prob sp)

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